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School Governors

Governor Annual Statement

The Governing Body of The Heritage Coast Federation are committed to providing an excellent environment for all pupils to enjoy during their time at our school. The main focus of the governing body is to ensure that our pupils progress to the best of their abilities and that for this to happen they understand that the pupils must be supported in all areas by a well led, enthusiastic, professionally competent and motivated staff who all work together to provide a safe, supportive, stimulating and caring environment. They also appreciate and understand the requirement that the pupils, parents and carers need to be comfortable with the overall leadership and management of the school, and the impact that has on the safety, learning and enjoyment of the children in our care.

To achieve this aim, governors must continuously evaluate the role they have played within the life of our school and publish relevant information to all stakeholders. This statement being part of that process.


What do they do?

School governors, together with the Headteacher, are responsible for the overall educational and financial health of the school. They are all unpaid volunteers who meet regularly to discuss and decide upon all aspects of school activities such as appointing staff, monitoring the budget, maintaining the premises and reviewing the curriculum. The governing body is a legal entity, and governors execute their individual responsibilities collectively.

In short, the governors are best thought of as trustees of the school who act in the interests of current and future pupils and staff.


Governing Body 2018-2019

 The Governing Body of The Heritage Coast Federation comprises of the Headteacher, co-opted Governors, parent Governors and staff Governor. 


Name Category Body Appointing Date Appointed Term of Office Responsibility
Helen Stapley          Clerk to governors
Claire Barber Headteacher Ex Officio 13-Apr-15    Headteacher
Dr Andrea Dickinson Back  Foundation Diocese   10/09/2018  09/09/2022

Chair of Governors


Donna Kettle Co-opted FGB 10/09/2018 09/09/2022

Vice Chair of Governors

Early Years and Outcomes for whole school

Julie Matthewson Parent School 10/09/2018 09/09/2022 Literacy 
Fabienne Bailey Parent School 10/09/2018 09/09/2022 Community Links
Jane Mortimer Co-opted FGB   24/10/2018 23/10/2022


Allana Robson Staff School 10/09/2018 09/09/2022  
Wendy Weekes Co-opted FGB 10/09/2018 09/09/2022

Health and Safety and Safeguarding

Jo Morris Foundation Diocese   24/10/2018   23/10/2022 Foundation
Steve Hinchliffe LA LA 24/10/2018 23/10/2022 Finance
Andrew Fiddler Co-opted FGB 01/01/2019 31/12/2022  

Katrina Dixon

 Associate  FGB      

 The Governing Body as a whole is responsible for the school and its policies. The governing body opted to not have committees and meets every half term as a whole governing body

Its powers and duties are: - 

  • conducting the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement;
  • managing the school’s budget;
  • making sure that the curriculum for the school is balanced and broadly based and in particular that the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and National Curriculum and religious education are taught;
  • reporting on National Curriculum assessments;
  • determining the staff complement and a pay policy for the school;
  • Participating in the appointment of the head and other staff and regulating staff conduct and discipline.

The Following Governors have Business Interests



Name of Business


Personal Connections

Connection with other school




Not Attended

Apology not sent

Apologies not accepted

Claire Barber








Andrea Dickinson Back




Chair of Governors at Ruswarp School


Governor at Westcliffe School



Donna Kettle



Spouse of Caretaker




Julie Matthewson




Teacher at East Whitby School 



Fabienne Bailey







Jane Mortimer

North Yorkshire County Council and Scarborough Borough Council



Governor at Eskdale School




Allana Robson








Wendy Weekes



Former Employee





Jo Morris







Steve Hinchcliffe





Governor at Ruswarp School 






Andrew Fiddler





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To help us in our work and to broaden the skills of our governors, we organise and attend training sessions and seminars, which keep the governing body updated  with changes in the education system. In our various roles as Link Governors we make prearranged visits into the school to meet with the head teacher, make class visits and talk to members of staff. We meet with groups of pupils, such as the School Council and Worship Team. These visits help governors to monitor and understand how the school is improving and progressing towards its targets.
Overall success criteria:   Governors, in their strategic role will continue to challenge and support the school and its leaders in order to secure a 'good' outcome at the next Ofsted inspection and its journey on to 'outstanding'




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