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Fylingdales School- Sports Premium Funding


Our Sports vision at Fylingdales School is that children are offered opportunities to participate in a variety of Sports. They learn to succeed and become motivated for continuing to be physically active for life. Sport and PE at Fylingdales School strives to create opportunities for children to develop: resilience, confidence and communication.

Physical Education

Here is what your physical development journey will look like at Fylingdales School.


The EYFS curriculum is centred around children achieving their Early Learning Goals. Through outdoor provision children work on the skills of balancing, moving and handling. Our school has invested heavily in this provision this year and values the importance of this early stage of physical development. The provision in our EYFS also focuses heavily on the development of children’s fine motor control in order to develop their pincer grip, which is so important for writing.

In Key Stage One, children are offered a broad range of activities that focus on developing their physical literacy. Physical literacy includes the development of: balancing, moving confidently, kicking, throwing and catching. All the year one children attended ‘Quad Kids’ and ‘Multi-Skills Events’ which were provided by the Schools Sports Partnership. These events were based on developing children’s Physical Literacy Skills, which can later be adapted to all sports.

Key Stage Two children begin to apply their general movement skills to sport-specific skills. At Fylingdales our Key Stage Two children attend all the Sporting Events provided by the School Sports Partnership. Our Upper Key Stage Two class is out most weeks and all children have the opportunity to attend these events. The school sports partnership provides a variety of sporting events including: tennis, golf, gymnastics, netball, hockey and tag rugby. Our year 5/6 children, take the role of ‘play leaders’ this gives them the opportunity to plan, organise and lead younger children.

School Swimming

Sports Premium Funding is used to assist with the funding of swimming. We have a flourishing swimming program with children from year 2-6 being offered a term of swimming sessions. Last year all the year six cohort left being able to swim at least 25 metres.


Fylingdales School is committed to the development of all our staff through CPD. This approach values the teaching team and helps to ensure sustainable improvement in our physical education curriculum. This year we have had coaches working alongside staff to develop the teaching of cricket, tennis and multi skills. Working alongside teachers the tennis coach supported our Sports Day. This was an opportunity to celebrate the CPD work with parents.

Club Links

Our school works closely with the local community. Through this work we actively encourage our children to participate in extra-curricular activities. These extra activities can also be used to gain accreditations through Family University. Our children are encouraged to attend local clubs including: tiquando, swimming, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, pony club, ballroom dancing, tap dancing, football, trials bike riding, rugby, cricket, ballet, cycling, karate and tennis. Some of these clubs were invited into school as part of our Sports fundraising day.

  • 75% of our year two cohort attend at least one club each week.
  • 50% of the year two cohort attend one or more club each week.
  • 92% of the year three and four cohort attend at least one club each week.
  • 80.8% of the year three and four class attend two or more activities.
  • 78.9% of the year five and six class attend an after school club.
  • 52.9% of the year five and six class attend more than one after school club.

This is positive data, which shows the impact we are having on educating our children to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Sports Funding 2016-2017

The Sports funding grant for 2016-2017 was £7758. This grant was used to maintain and extend the range of sporting events on offer to our children.





Evidence of Impact

Participation in the Whitby and District Primary School Sports Association Competitions. 

Increased participation in inter-school competiton.


Increased involvement and success in competitive school sports.

Hiring Specialist Sports Instructor to deliver training and work alongside teachers and support staff in the teaching of PE.

PE sessions delivered at a high standard by professionally accredited sports teachers.

Ultimate Soccer School

Tennis coaching


Staff have acquired new skills and in-depth knowledge for the delivery of PE lessons and how PE can be linked to other curricular areas. 

CPD in dance for HLTAs

To increase staff ability to lead dance sessions. 



Develop water confidence.

Year 2- 6 water confidence and swimming lessons.


All the children benefit from increased water confidence and self-esteem.  Number of non-swimmers by the end of the session decreases.  All Year 6s achieved swimming distance of 25 m in 2016.

Supplementing travel to get to sporting events.

Children are able to participate in events regardless of the location of the school.   


All children benefit from taking part in competitive school sports. 

Improving resources in school.

Resources are fit for purpose and safe.


New benches and netball posts purchased.  Money contributed towards trophies/ rosettes to the Whitby sports partnership.

Ongoing Long Term Target Areas Identified for 2016-17.

  • Strategic subject leadership
  • Increasing extra-curricular sports provision and pupil participation
  • Increasing opportunity for supervised lunchtime activity
  • Competition against local schools / in local tournaments
  • Opportunities for pupils to make use of local sports facilities
  • Evolution and replenishment of resources/equipment/provision to challenge pupils of all abilities
  • Inclusive and progressive curriculum
  • Access to PE specific CPD, coaching, and team-teaching for all staff
  • Improve communication with parents

School Sport Updates

Primary PE and School Sport Update Term 1


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