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Our School Value- Trust

The Bible teaches us that God is good, powerful and wise; he loves everyone more than they can imagine. He has made a way for everybody everywhere to become close friends with him and he will never leave those who trust in him on their own. “My God is my strength in whom I trust.” Psalm 18:2.

Trust is an essential value. Children need to know they can depend on adults to care for them and supply their basic needs. Trust is fundamental to their development into healthy human beings. When children can trust other, they develop a positive attitude toward life and have less need to be in control to make things turn out right.

At Fylingdales School, trust is demonstrated by a cohesive staff team that all work towards the same goals for each individual child. Effective communication through letters home, the website and an ‘open’ policy to discuss a child’s school experience build trust in the school community. The children trust the teachers and staff because they are consistent and expectations are clear. Modelling this value assists the children in their understanding of building trust in themselves and others.

“Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.”

Isaiah 40:31



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